Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 26th-28th, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a three-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Radios & Equipment...etc.

N. Access Requirement

Radios and Equipment can only be accessible to Staffers who have a photo on file with the convention. Photos are taken by the HR/Con Ops Department during the convention in the HR Office located in Rondelet.

O. AWA Radio Usage

This section will not be posted on the website, and will only be accessible to "Accepted" Applicants for Staff by emailed confirmation as an attachment. Refer to Section E. Privacy & Non-disclosure for details.

P. Important Radio Policies


2. If your radio is not working properly, please bring your radio back to Andover as SOON as possible, so that Tech/Comms can swap and/or fix the radio. That is their job, and they will gladly do it for you. However, if you are having transmission problems, you may want to move to a slightly different location to see if there is a dead-spot. If you find a dead-spot, PLEASE let Tech/Comms know about it A.S.A.P.!

3. Do not lend your radio to others! It is checked out to YOU, and you are responsible for it.

4. If you find a radio without a staff member attached, please bring it back to Andover.

5. At the end of your shift, you need to check your radio equipment back into Andover, so that other staffers going onto their shifts can then utilize the equipment.

6. Andover is closed during the slow period at night during the convention. They will broadcast 90 minutes before closing as well as post their hours on a sign at the door; this is so you can make any check-ins, check-outs, and battery swaps for late shifts.

7. You will not be allowed to check-out radios and/or headsets for others, nor spare batteries for yourself or others.

8. If you are leaving the Convention Center or Hotel after Andover has closed for any reason, then go to the HR Office to return or lockup your radio equipment there. Radio equipment will be locked up in a locker until Tech/Comms re-opens, and then brought to Andover to be checked back in.

Q. Equipment Policies

1. Carts and hand trucks can be checked out from the Tech/Comms office, in Andover. If you check one out, use it for the task in which you need it for, and immediately return it back to Andover. We have a limited amount of equipment and no one should be holding onto such equipment for longer than what is needed.

2. Similar to the radios, if you find a hand truck or cart without a staff member attached, please bring it back to Andover.

3. Do not ride on carts or hand trucks. Horseplay with, misuse and/or damage of carts or hand trucks is cause for disciplinary actions. Staffers found involved in such behavior regardless of participating directly or not will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

4. If Andover has closed before you have returned equipment, then return any equipment to the HR office. Once Tech/Comms has re-opened all equipment will be brought back to Andover to be checked back in.

R. Returning Next Year

Due to the high number of individuals that come and go each year, we are unable to know who is planning on returning the following year. Individuals who do not renew or submit an application by the listed Deadline dates will not have a Staff Badge or will not be eligible for benefits at the time of the convention. Instructions regarding Renewing Staff Status are given during the time of the convention.

S. Locating Forms

Application related material(s) can be found either online or at staff meetings. Benefit related forms will ONLY be accessible during the convention in the HR Office located in the Rondelet Room.