Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 24th-27th, 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria





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(Revised 11/14/2012)




Short Intro

Welcome to the AWA FAQ, general information about what's going on at Anime Weekend Atlanta. 

If you want to discuss it, we have a message board on our web site.




The Convention

Why do you ask people to register and pick up badges on Thursday if the con doesn't start until Friday?

AWA gets a lot of people during the weekend, with the majority of them being at the convention on Saturday. While we are busy preparing for the convention on Thursday, we encourage those who waited until the last minute, missed out on pre-registration, or just discovered us to come by to pre register. We don't have as many people waiting for their badges on Thursday and you'll have your stuff ready before most people the next day. Please note that if you are registering as a walk-in (you did not pre-register) and request a single day membership (admission), it is only for the day that you are present. In other words, you can not purchase a one day membership for Saturday if you are at the convention on Friday. Single day memberships will not be available on Thursday evening.



When is the best time to avoid the long lines?

The best time to avoid the long lines for registering for AWA is Thursday evening between 6pm-10pm  and afternoons Friday through Sunday.

We get a lot of people in the mornings, so it is best to avoid Friday and Saturday mornings.



Why is your weapons policy difficult to understand?

The weapons policy is designed so that we do not have to compile a list of every item made that can or cannot be considered a weapon for every major anime character that has a weapon. It was developed with cosplayers in mind, since they will be appearing in costume.


Simply put, if you're going to appear as an anime character with a weapon, you can have that weapon with you (exceptions are real guns and weapons not associated with the character you are appearing in costume, such as Hello Kitty with a katana.).



This whole policy still seems tough to follow.

Persistent, aren't you? First of all, AWA is a Japanese animation convention. It is not a show place for weapons. The policy is to allow you to have in the convention area. Second, we have spent months explaining the policy to the hotel and convention center, and to see if it interferes with their policies.

Compared to most shows, we have a very lenient weapons policy. Some hotels would not even allow fake weapons in their area.



Will there be a map of the events?

Event maps will be in the AWA Program Book and at Registration.


Is there adequate parking available at the hotel and the convention center?

Parking will be available in various areas around the hotel and convention center. The hotel does not have parking decks, but there are decks at the Cobb Galleria Centre and Specialty Mall, and during the weekend, the Galleria office buildings. Parking spaces are free, so you don't have to park at nearby Akers Mill Square Shopping Center or Cumberland Mall (You'll get towed at both places if you do!). There are over 2000 parking spaces at the Atlanta Galleria area.



How long will the convention last?

AWA is scheduled from 12:00 PM Friday, to 5:00 PM Sunday. There will be some events running 24 hours. Most events, such as panels, will be operating between 10:00AM and 7:00PM. AWA is a 24 hour event, so the entire convention does not shut down entirely on evenings.



Are there places to eat outside the hotel?

Aside from the hotel restaurants, there are places to eat at the Cobb Galleria Specialty Mall, Akers Mill Square Shopping Center, and Cumberland Mall. A series of restaurants are located on Cobb Parkway (US 41), some operating 24 hours, and are moderately priced.

The AWA information booth will have a list of restaurants in the area (and directions to those restaurants).



You have mentioned that AWA is a family friendly convention.  What does that mean?

AWA is a Japanese animation convention, so we not only showcase those shows that appear on television, but also those that appear on DVD and a few that have never before appeared in the United States.

Some animated and comic book (manga) titles may not be appropriate for young children and some retailers in the dealers room will be selling items aimed at older children and adults, so we ask for parental supervision while visiting our con. Our convention is not aimed for very young children. We have a special section for parents available on our website for more detail on young children and AWA. If you have any concerns regarding our convention, please feel free to talk with an AWA Administrator, Director, or Staffer.






The Hotel

Where is the Hotel located?

The Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel is located on Cobb Parkway (US 41) and Interstate 285, Northwest of downtown Atlanta in the Atlanta Galleria Office Park. If you're not sure where it's located, here's a map.



How can I get to the hotel from the airport?

The Renaissance Waverly Hotel is about 17 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The hotel does not provide direct shuttle service to and from the airport.

Shuttle provide are listed on the airport's web site,



Where can I get information about the hotel?

Information about the hotel is available on our web site in the Hotel Information section. For more detailed information, go to the Renaissance Waverly Hotel's web site at



Can I use public transportation to get to the hotel?

Cobb Community Transit (CCT) is the only public transportation service that has routes near the hotel and convention center. If you live in the Atlanta area, you can transfer to CCT from MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) at the Arts Center Transit station. Look for CCT Route 10 and take that to the Cumberland Transit Center, located behind Cumberland Mall. From there you can either walk through the mall and take the overhead walkway to the Cobb Galleria Centre, or you can take CCT Route 50, where there is a stop on Akers Mill Road near the shopping center.  CCT does not operate on Sundays.  MARTA also has a bus, Route 12, that departs from Midtown Transit Station to the Cumberland Transit Center. This route operates weekdays and Sunday. Directions to the hotel and convention center on our web site are here.



When is the best time to get to the hotel?

The best time to get to the hotel is the late morning and late afternoon. The hotel is located in one of the most congested areas of Atlanta, so you don't want to get caught in traffic either on I-285,US 41 (Cobb Parkway), and I-75 from downtown Atlanta.


If the Renaissance Waverly Hotel is booked, are there other hotels nearby where I can reserve a room?

By special arragement, we have a list of hotels within one mile of the Renaissance Waverly Hotel that you can stay.

For the current list and prices of the overflow hotels, go to our Overflow Hotels section. No AWA events will be held at our overflow hotels.


Can I smoke in the hotel?

No. The Renaissance Waverly Hotel is a non-smoking facility.


What events are being held at the hotel?

AWA events at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel includes Main EventsVideo Rooms , Video Gaming, Manga Library, and the Video Audio Track







The Convention Center

Where is the Cobb Galleria Centre in relation to the Renaissance Waverly hotel?

The Cobb Galleria Centre and the Renaissance Waverly Hotel are in the same complex connected by a walkway from the Centre or the Specialty Mall.



What events are held in the convention center? 

AWA events at the Cobb Galleria Centre includes the Dealers Room, Artist Alley, and the Art Show in the Exhibition Halls, The AWA Ball on Friday Evening at the Williams Ballroom, the Bebop Lounge, Saturday Evening in The Gallery across from Jocks and Jills restaurant in the Specailty Mall, and Panels, Workshop, Cosplay Gallery, and Cosplay Panels located in the convention center meeting rooms near the hotel.



Will there be dealers selling weapons in the Dealers Room?

Yes. Dealers will have weapons on display, but they can only be purchased by mail order.








Registration & Memberships

What's a membership? Is it the same as admission?

An AWA Membership is admission to the convention.


What types of memberships do you have and how do I pay for them?

We have  online pre-registered memberships:

Single memberships for 1-6 people and Group Memberships for organizations and families of 6 or more people.


Online Single and Group Memberships can be purchased with a credit / debit card or PayPal. You can not only purchase memberships, but also T-Shirts and tickets to the AWA Ball. You will get an email notification of your purchase that you bring to the convention to get your badge.

Online memberships are managed by RegOnline.

Go to the Online Registration section for more information on memberships, including forms. 


Will I be able to purchase a membership after the due date?

The final day to register for online memberships is August 30, 2014.


I live outside the United States and want to attend AWA. How can I pay for membership?

For those living outside the United States, we ask that you use the online membership for your purchases. 


Why do you need names for everyone pre-registering AWA when I order 2 or more memberships?

As with any large show, we maintain a list of everyone who has pre-registered.

From this, we make name badges. To make sure everyone gets a badge, we must make

sure that names for everybody are included with your pre registration forms, especially for groups.



Are there different rates for children on the pre-registered forms?

No. We offer a discount for children on our walk-in membership rate.



I purchased an AWA membership and won't be able to attend. What can I do?

If you have purchased an AWA membership and you will not be able to attend, here are your options:


1. Transfer your membership to next year's AWA. You will get a new Confirmation Letter for that year's AWA.


2. Transfer the membership to another person. We will need to know who it will be given to so that we can update our database and that the other person will get his badge.


It is required that you contact us if you are not able to attend. Previous AWA memberships DO NOT automatically transfer to next year if you do attend


Please note that pre-registered AWA Memberships are not refundable.










What kind events do you have?

We have a variety of events at AWA. You can go here to check up on the latest events.



Do any of your events happen after 12 midnight?

Yes. Some are of an adult nature, and minors will be carded.



Do any of your events require an extra fee to attend?

Yes. Some events, such as the AWA Ball, require a ticket purchase along with membership to AWA.



Why do you not post a complete schedule of all your events before the convention?

Scheduling events for a convention is a long hard task that involves changing the events to be placed in certain rooms. The schedule changes so many times, that by the time we post one schedule, it will be revised before the show starts. Because of this, we limit what events will be posted so that you will not be disappointed if we changed an event you had been planning on attending. We cannot guarantee that all events will be available during the con. We do announce when a schedule will be posted on our web site.







What's this about conduct?

Conduct is one of the many factors that keeps AWA a show people want to attend year after year. As a whole, AWA attendees are polite and courteous, and this makes it easy for us to hold our convention in the hotels in the Atlanta area, since no hotel will accept a convention with a past history of property damages. The current AWA site is in one of the finest hotels in the country, and we want to make sure that we can stay there for future events.



How can I get into trouble at AWA?

There are plenty of ways you can, but the most serious one is this (and we're putting this in big print) :




You will not get a refund for your membership, and you may not attend future AWA events.

If you are staying at the hotel and damage property, the hotel may ask you to leave and can remove you from your room.

The hotel and convention center will be patrolled by convention security, hotel security, and local law enforcement.


We're serious, folks! We've spent a lot of money to make sure our show is an exciting experience for everyone, and having things like this happen is no fun for anybody. Please look over our polices. If you have any questions, please ask.








What's this about privacy?

Your privacy is of the highest concern at AWA. We do not sell any data in regards to pre registered and walk-in memberships. We do collect this for our records and our records only.

If you are purchasing an AWA Membership via RegOnline, you will receive an email notification of your transaction that contains your name, Membership ID Number, and email address. The notification does NOT contain your credit card number.


On occasion, we will email you if there is a problem regarding your membership.









Why all the emphasis of security at the con?

With thousands of people going to different rooms in two facilities, there will always be a potential for things to happen, such as shoplifting. We are required to have security present at all times during the convention, including local law enforcement (the police). We want AWA to be the safest place you can be in when we have the convention.




Is it safe for my young child to be at AWA?

Yes. While we do average over 2000 people per convention day, we ask that parents should accompany young children at AWA.

The majority of our events happen during the day, while there are some in the late evening that are not suitable for young children.


The average AWA attendee is between 16-21 years old.











Other Stuff about AWA

Why is AWA held in the Fall?

AWA has been held during the months of September, October, and November over the past few years. Having it in the summer months puts us in competition with other larger and well known conventions (Hey, we like to go to conventions, too), and we have to compete with the other non-anime conventions in Atlanta. It is one of the top convention cities in the country.



Why don't you get (insert name of guest here) for AWA?

Arranging for guests to come to AWA is a process that involves many factors, including prior commitments involving career or family on the part of the guest.

If you have any suggestions for guests, please feel free to tell us about it on our Message Board.



AWA is incorporated? That means it's a business and is making money for somebody, right?

AWA is incorporated for the sole purpose of Covering Our A**es. In other words, the corporation has liability, not the individuals behind the corporation.

The money AWA makes every year goes right back into next year's convention.



How much do you get paid?

AWA is an all voluenteer effort.  We do this for the fun of it.   (Really!)


What's the deal with the logo? Why is it black and white?

The AWA logo is black and white to serve as a reminder that before there were current shows in color, there were some that were produced in black and white. We honor those shows by incorporating those colors in our logo. The logo, along with the name Anime Weekend Atlanta, are registered trademarks.


When and where will AWA be held this year?

Anime Weekend Atlanta ( AWA )

Date: September 25-28, 2014 .

Where: Renaissance Waverly Hotel, Sheraton Suites Galleria, and Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia.