Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 26th-28th, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a four-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
Badge Pickup


The Registration booths for AWA will be on the second floor of The Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Registration A & B.   "Registration A" (the one on the right) will be for ALL Pre-Registered Memberships and "Registration B" (the one on the left) will be for Walk-In Memberships. Please note: this is reversed from previous years. Don't panic,  there will be signs giving you directions. 




There will  be one line for ALL Pre-registered memberships.

 You must have your confirmation email and Photo ID. The name on your Photo ID MUST match the name on the badge, no exceptions.

Only you may pick up your badge. The exception to this is if you have a Group Registration.

You can not pick up your friend's badge, and your friend can not pick up your badge.


*A Note on Group Registration*

There is NO dedicated line for Groups any longer. Group Leaders will get in the Pre-Reg line. Only the Group Leader will be able to pick up badges for the group. If for some reason your Group Leader can not attend, they will need to either change the Contact/Primary Attendee in RegOnline (if prior to the Registration deadline), or contact us (prior to the convention) to change it.

The Group Leader will need to show Photo ID (just the confirmation emails is not sufficient) and will be given a packet with the group's badges in it.  At that point, they will need to check the badges and sign that they have been picked up. Please, check the badges at the window. After the Group Leader leaves the window, the badges are their responsibility! 

If someone in your group will not be attending AWA, you must let us know when you pick up the badges so it can be noted on the sign out sheet (and the badge pulled). Once you leave with your packet, badges can not be transferred.  Note: No badges will be refunded at the convention. Any transfer requests will be processed after the convention.

The Group Leader will have the option of picking up the Program Books/Bags for their entire group or getting "coupons" for their group members to come back and get them at their leisure (either from Registration or the Information Booth).

Individual group members will NOT be able to pick up their badges.



What's considered Photo ID?

This includes, but is not limited to:

Driver's Licence

State-Issued ID Card

School / College / University Student ID

Armed Forces Identification




Don't have a Photo ID?

Pre-registered attendees who are minors will have to appear at Registration with an adult relative (not an adult friend) to present their ID to pick up thier badge. They can not pick up the badge for the minor if they are not present.




Walk-In Registration

(aka At the door memberships)


Look for the line marked "Walk-In Registration".  Forms will be available before you enter the line so please fill them out completely.  NOTE: if you do not completely fill out the form you will be asked to go to the back of the line.  If you want to get a jump on filling out the form before attending, visit our page to download the form and bring to the convention! (Form will be available September, 2014.) By having the filled out form and payment ready at Registration, it will make the process go fast, giving you time to enjoy the con!