Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 24th-27th, 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a four-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
Departments & Descriptions

Anime Weekend Atlanta is a volunteer run event and that being on Crew is a volunteer position where your efforts will directly help to promote Japanese cultural awareness through popular media. AWA or you can revoke your volunteer status without notice for any reason.


Below you will find a list of Departments (in no particular order) and base requirements. Departments are subject to change each year either in name or availability. All interviews are done at our Crew Meetings. Please see Crew Dates link for more details.

* Department - Age Requirement - Interview Required (IR)

Accessibilty Services - 18+

  • Was established to offer a hand to visitors with special needs

Video Gaming - 17+ - IR

  • Crew do a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to, setting up, signing attendees in for tournaments, monitoring equipment, and maintaining the Arcade. 

Art Show - 17+

  • Is where artists show off their work in a silent auction format. Crew help artists check in (this includes setting up and tearing down the Art Show), sign in attendees wishing to view/buy artwork, help with the Art Auction, and watch over artwork.

Artist Alley

  • This is the place for aspiring artists to find an 'audience' to promote their artwork in a professional environment. Crew help Artists check in and find their tables, and help them throughout the convention.

Baby Room - IR

  • The Baby Room is a place that attendees with small children or infants that need a quiet place can go during the convention. Crew in here help maintain a safe and quiet environment for parents who utilize this space.

Bunnies without Borders [First Aid] - 18+ - IR & First Aid Certification(s)

  • Tasked to provide first aid and first response to issues where medical assistance may be required. They help identify the need for an ambulance or additional response. Treat attendees that require medical assistance from mending a cut to feeling unwell. They can even check your blood pressure.

Con Suite

  • The Con Suite is where attendees can go to munch on snacks and drinks. Crew make sure the food and drinks remain stocked and available, and the room stays tidy and clean. 

Video Rooms

  • The rooms where Anime and Live Action Films are constantly being played. Crew set up, run the video schedule, and watch over equipment.

Dealers' Room - 18+

  • The Dealers' Room is where vendors sell their merchandise. Crew help them check in and aid throughout the convention. Maintain traffic flow in and out of the Dealers' Room and monitor attendees. 

Events: Cosplay - IR

  • Sets up and arranges the Cosplay Gallery and assist with the Costume Pre-judging & Contest.

Imperial Maid Cafe - IR

  •  We are no longer taking maids/butlers for AWA 2014

Events: Programming

  • Sets up and arranges the panel rooms, assist panelists, and more.

Information Booth

  • Crew help answer questions, which may include schedule updates, room locations, panel times, local restaurants, and maps.

Manga Library

  • Crew set up and take down shelves, assist attendees with their manga needs, monitor the manga in the library as well as its readers, and catalog any new donations.

AWA Con Store - IR

  • Located in the Dealers' Room, this is where attendees can purchase official AWA merchandise. Crew assist attendees with their purchases and help promote AWA.

Marketing: Videography - IR

  • Handle all of our video filming and editing for the convention. There's more to it, but it does require individuals who know pre/post video production and/or editing. 

Panda Support [Con Ops]

  • Help out with other departments as needed, maintaining lines, door monitors, and maintaining autograph lines.

Public Safety - 18+ - IR

  • Responsible for helping maintain a safe environment at the convention. Crew are expected to see that the convention weapons policies are followed. They will also do badge checks and line control in front of all high capacity events. Other duties may include walking the convention floor to ensure the area remains orderly.

Video Art Track - IR

  • Crew assist with running Music video panels, contests and games, dance, etc. Computer training is on the job, and all VAT crew is required to go through the convention's technical training.

Tabletop Gaming/RPG - IR

  • Are rooms established for Table Top, CCG and RPG gaming. Crew do a wide variety of tasks, including, setting up the Gaming Rooms, running games, signing attendees in for and helping with games and tournaments. 

Technical/Communications - IR

  • Handle all the audio/video gear (among other things). Duties may include setting up all of the technical equipment, monitoring the equipment around the convention, and tearing it down at the end of the convention. Technical experience is preferred, but not necessary. 

Green Room - 17+ - IR

  • No description can be given for this department.

Guest Relations - 17+ - IR

  • Are guests handlers and/or translators by aiding guests to and from events and autograph sessions safely and on time, running guest related errands (fetching water, etc.), and generally helping to meet guest needs as they arise. Those interested in this department must be a crew member first and a fan second. 

Registration - IR

  • Registration is where attendees go to pick up their/buy badges. Crew help speed attendees through by searching through Pre-Registered badges, verifying IDs, and more.