Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 24th-27th, 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria
Lost and Found Items

AWA Lost and Found Policy
2013 Edition

During Anime Weekend Atlanta, lost items end up at Lost and Found. Lost and Found is located at Registration B in the Renaissance Waverly Hotel.

Most items that appear in Lost and Found during the convention includes cell phones, digital cameras, credit cards, and driver’s licenses.

Policy Rules

Contact us immediately if you lose something at AWA. During the convention, Lost and Found is located at Registration B in the Renaissance Waverly Hotel. After the convention, email us at

If you lose something during the convention, make a detailed description of your lost item when you go to Lost and Found. Mentioning that you lost a camera or cell phone is not enough. We will need to know the model, color, any features that make it different from other items, including picture descriptions if you lose a digital camera. The more detail you mention, the more likely we can see if your lost item is in our possession.

When sending your description, please include the following:


1) What the lost item is. Do not use general terms such as "phone", "camera", or "shirt". We'll need to know what type, color, shape, size, anything to make it unique from other lost items. Details are important!


2) If you lost a bag, tell us what items were in it. Did it have something on the outside? Was it an item purchased at the Dealers Room that had a receipt?


3) A mailing address, because we can't send your found item via email.

If we have your lost item, it will be given to you at the convention. After the convention, it will sent to you immediately. You will need to send us a mailing address.

Lost items that have not been claimed six months after the convention becomes the property of AWA.

AWA can not guarantee that we have in possession your lost item(s).