Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 26th-28th, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a four-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
Online Membership Registration



Pre-Register Online for AWA 2014 !

Online Registration is the quickest and least expensive way to register as a single member or a group. You can enter your information and your confirmation will be sent to your email address. You can also purchase additional items such as AWA Ball tickets, SuperHappyFunSell tables, AWA T-shirts, and Early Start Badge Delivery. Photo ID is REQUIRED in order to pick up your preregistered badge at AWA. 


AWA Online Registration requires a credit / debit card or PayPal purchase.


All AWA Registrations purchased online are three (3) day Admissions. 1 and 2 day admissions are only available at the convention.


AWA Single and Group Registrations are for AWA Attendees.


Do not register children 5 years of age or younger. They are admitted free with a paid adult membership.


Online Registration requires an email address and entering a password. This allows you entry if you want to make additional purchases after you have registered. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD! If you forget, it will have to be reset. Neither RegOnline nor AWA stores passwords for retrieval.

Please be aware that there is a service fee added to each online order. This service fee is calculated per person, not per transaction. The service fee is not a flat fee, so the service fee will be different for each transaction. For example: If you are registering 10 people, at $40.00 apiece, your service fee will be $45.80.




Single Membership (1 or more people)


$55.00 / person until 11:59pm August 31, 2014



 If you registering more than one person, each person must be entered separately. There is an option on the form on which you can just register yourself or other persons.

**A service fee is automatically added to all online orders**





Group Membership (10 or more people)


$50.00 / group member until 11:59pm August 31, 2014.

**A service fee is automatically added to all online orders**


The Group Membership registers every person in the group, not the entire group as a whole.

Ten or more group members are required to use the AWA Group Membership.

To register your group, make a list of the first ten (or more) group members (including yourself) and enter each member's name when you are on the online form.

After the tenth member is entered, you can add as many members as you like.

The form will not allow you to register less than ten people if you are using the Group Membership form for the first time.



 If you plan on pre-registering children ages 6-11, please be aware that there is not a separate child's price. All pre-registered memberships are the same for adults and children.


Already pre registered online?   Forgot to get your email confirmation? 

 You can go back to the Online Registration site for Single Memberships and for Groups.

You will need to enter your email address and a password.



Registration Operating Hours
Registration for AWA 2014 will be at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel.


(Hours subject to change)

Thursday, September 25
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday, September 26
9:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday, September 27
9:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday, September 28
10:00am - 5:00pm 

Early Start Badge Delivery

AWA Early Start Badge Delivery is a premium service on which you will be able to receive your membership badge before the convention.

We will send your badge via USPS Priority Mail Express to your home address about 1 week before AWA starts. Someone MUST be there to sign for the package. If no one is there to sign, the package WILL NOT BE LEFT. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the package, we do not send ES badges to P.O. boxes.

The Early Start service is available only if you pre register online as a single member or as a group.

Early Start badges are non-refundable/transferable after they have been mailed (It is just like you picked up your badge at the con!).

Badges will be sent after the August 30, 2014 Online Registration deadline.

Early Start Badge Delivery will be available starting June 1, 2014. The prices for Early Start is AN ADDITIONAL $30 for Single Memberships and AN ADDITIONAL $100 for group memberships.



SuperHappyFunSell (SFHS) is a yard sale-flea market-garage sale type event held at AWA on Thursday night from 7-10pm. The purpose of the SHFS is to give AWA attendees a chance to clean out their closets and pass on previously-enjoyed anime and manga merchandise to other fans.

To reserve a table for SHFS, you must be pre-registered. 

SHFS Tables will be available to register on a separate online registration form starting July 2, 2014. Go here to register for an SHFS table.


AWA Animator's Guild "Ink and Paint" Ball

Tickets for the AWA Ball are available for purchase online. They are $35.00, and will remain available until August 30, 2014. If you have any problems logging back in and adding them to your registration, please contact us at


Pre-Registered AWA Memberships are Non-Refundable.

Single Membership Transfers: If you are not able to attend and you have pre-registered, you have an option of transferring your membership to another person (changing the name of the membership) or request a transfer to the next AWA convention. Your membership does not automatically transfer to next year's AWA if you do not attend. Contact us to request a name transfer or a transfer to next year.  If you do not make it to AWA 2014, you will have 30 days AFTER the end of the convention to request a transfer.  If you do not contact us within that 30 days, the transfer will not be made. Please do not register if you do not know if you will be attending AWA.  


Group membership transfers: In order for a group membership to transfer to the following year, the ENTIRE group must transfer. If one of your group members cannot make it to the convention, they must find a replacement to transfer their badge to. Individual group members will not be allowed to transfer to the following year.