Anime Weekend Atlanta®
September 26th-28th, 2014 | Atlanta, Georgia
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel + Cobb Galleria Centre
+ Sheraton Suites Galleria

For Beautiful Convention Life

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a three-day Japanese Animation
and comics convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia.
Saturday Night Dance

The 2014 SND

2014 will be a big year for AWA - it's our 20th anniversary, after all. We're already busy planning for an epic con, so check back often for details. The SND DJs will be announced as we confirm them.

In the meantime, here are the 2013 DJs, in case you wanted to learn more about them.

The 2013 SND DJs


REViSE is a DJ/MC who has been featured on multiple releases on the largest underground labels Japan has to offer. Ranging from tracks by Kors K to kenta-v.ez., MYOSUKE to cittan*, he is guaranteed to satisfy.

REViSE belongs to the labels ATTACK THE MUSIC in the USA as well as SPRITE RECORDINGS and JAPANESE WITH FORCE in Japan. He has worked extensively with kenta-v.ez. of Hardcore TANO*C fame. Recently REViSE under his MC alias, core mc, has been featured with cittan* and Kalon. on KONAMI's Sound Voltex II - Infinite Infection - in their song L4TS.

REViSE got his start in music at the young age of 12 by playing music games such as Dance Dance Revolution and beatmania, by KONAMI. The energy of the sounds as well as the energy of the game captivated him and drove to want to produce music and DJ. He started dabbling in DJ’ing when he was 18 years old, however it didn’t really start to become a huge part of his life until he was 25 years old. Since then he has performed at many events in Japan such as; The Day of Hardcore 2011, Syunjyourakuen at Mogra, Bass Quaker, Gadget7, Fanime Dance, Anime Expo 2013, and Hardcore Synergy 09-2013!

REViSE is sure to provide music to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Keep an eye open and and ear out for this energetic DJ!!

kors k (S2TB Recordings)

Kors k started over ten and a half years ago producing music using synthesizers. After being impacted by the heyday of J-Pop remixes, he dedicated himself to a club music sound. Ever since, with a whole slew of various styles under his belt, he continues to always challenge himself. He's continued to produce music for beatmania as a regular member since IIDX 9th Style, and so far has produced over 50 songs for the bemani series as a whole. Aside from that, he has made a name for himself, regardless of genre, producing music outside of beatmania for major scenes, underground, games and even anime. Kors k also works as a production unit "Caramel Pod," producing music for the big hit House compilation CDs "House Nation" and for a-nation that are known to be enthusiastically popular.

Caramel Pod's remix works are highly praised, creating remixes of music from both popular Japanese artists and international artists such as Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato, Ashanti and Flo-rida, just to name a few. Kors k has also had his music played on the UK's BBC Radio1, released remixes as part of compilation albums for UK's Nukleuz Hardcore Label, proving a high worth for his works not just in Japan, but the world over.

Dj Auptimus

JABKI Bass All Stars
Give Productions
42 Megaton Productions

For over a decade, this Puerto Rico native has been keeping the Atlanta nightlife moving on the dance floor by spinning his brand of breakbeats and drum & bass. Inspired by the works of DJ Wednesday, Dara, Diesel Boy, and many others, he sought to hone his talents under the tutelage of Galactus/DJ, and took the name DJ Auptimus in honor of his first born nephew. Soon after, he toured the ATL club scene, entertaining folks at ‘The Masquerade’ and The Church, among other venues. Eventually, he took his game to national fandom conventions such as Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kawaii Kon and Izumicon and recently as an opening act fotr MTAC. As an avid anime and comics fan, DJ Auptimus understands the needs of congoers and what it takes to keep them jamming, by incorporating the occasional themes from various shows into his mixes. Recently, Dj Auptimus has begun to make a come-back in the Atlanta scene playing shows at "The Quad," "The Basement," and several other places.

DM Ashura

Math teacher by day and musician by night, Bill Shillito, better known as DM Ashura, has been producing music for over ten years.  Starting off by making fan remixes of Dance Dance Revolution songs, he has honed his musical skills over the years, and his energetic sound has helped him build an audience worldwide through an ever-growing number of venues.  He has to his credit many songs in not only both American and Japanese versions of DDR, working with artists such as Veronica from Smile.DK and even Bemani veteran and AWA guest Kors K, but also Konami's beatmaniaIIDX and Andamiro's Pump It Up.  He has been featured on compilations like the recent "J-Rave Nation" by S2TB Recording, gained a following in the TechPara dance scene worldwide, and even revamped the soundtracks of Rockin Android's hit bullet-hell games GundeadliGne and Gundemonium Re:collection for their Steam re-release.

If you enjoyed DM Ashura at AWA in 2011, you won't want to miss him this year - he will be making all-new tracks to be exclusively premiered during his set!